Kicking Horse 454 Horse Power Dark Whole Bean Coffee (6x10 OZ)

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Kicking Horse 454 Horse Power Dark Whole Bean Coffee (6x10 OZ)

Velvety Earthy Spirited. Extraordinary. Organic Fair Trade. Whole Bean. Arabica Coffee. Roasted in Canada. The Horse Power. Hands down, the biggest and boldest coffee concoction we've ever created. 454 Horse Power is fired up, dark roasted to perfection and dropped at 454F. Those courageous enough to take on this Indonesian, heavy-bodied roast are rewarded with rich cocoa flavour, truly unique to this blend. Velvety. Earthy. Spirited. The Legend. In the summer of 1858, James Hector set out to discover the Kicking Horse Valley. His expedition took him through some of the most beautiful and rugged country in the West. During a river crossing, one of the pack horses kicked Hector so hard that others in the expedition mistook him for dead. As they began to bury poor old James, they notices his eye twitch. The legend says it was stiff cup of Kick Ass Coffee that brought him back to life! Organic Shade Grown. Our organic coffees are grown in the shade of the rainforest canopy, providing a natural environment for birds and plants. These conditions offer superior quality and maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Fair Trade. By purchasing organic Fair Trade coffee, you participate in a social and economic movement, ensuring farmers receive a fair price regardless of market forces. We've been a licensee of Fairtrade Canada since its creation. We truly believe organic Fair Trade coffee is good for the environment and the coffee farmers' social and economic welfare.

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Kicking Horse
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