Salt Grinder with Himalyan Salt ( 1 X 4 OZ )

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Himalayan Crystal Salt was formed 260 million years ago as the Earth's plates collided and formed the Himalayan Mountains. This trapped the salt, and the enormous tectonic pressure created its beautiful crystalline structure. This salt comes from an unpolluted ocean, from an unpolluted time. It has been preserved and untouched, underneath the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains for all this time. The mining and manufacturing of Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt is always done with the integrity and quality of the salt in mind. Metal interferes with the resonant frequency of the salt which is 7.14, so only ceramic blade grinders are used in all our manufacturing. When selecting the highest quality gourmet salts, we hand pick only light pink, very consistent salt crystals. It's then water washed and air dried, which ensures it retains all the same 84 trace minerals that are in our bodies. Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt is never heated, treated, refined, or processed in any way. The minerals are raw, in their most natural and easily absorbed form. When you absorb these minerals this way, they carry an active electric charge, which energizes and harmonizes our bodies on a cellular level. The importance of salt: Salt is a vital substance for the survival of all living things. It is the conduit for the electric charge which gives energy to our cells and is the basis for every action in our bodies. This means every movement, every thought, every function of our body depends on salt. More directly, Himalayan salt regulates blood pressure, in conjunction with water. Himalayan salt also removes excess acidity from the cells of our bodies and regulates water retention keeping our cells hydrated.

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