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Condition: New, 030559993508, RWRFS, RWRFS, 4
Replacement flap for Ruff Weather doors.

$27.94 $36.96  
Condition: New, 655199046027, 4602, KH4602, 11
K&H Superior Orthopedic Bed is the ultimate in comfort.

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Condition: New, 786441020028, G2000, G2000, 10
The KidCo Safeway is a hardware mount gate that provides maximum safety at the top of stairs and in high traffic doorways because there is no bottom threshold to potentially trip over as found on pressure mount gates.

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Condition: New, 076484530005, 00051-G3822, 00051-G3822, 1
The Herm. Sprenger Ultra-Plus Prong Dog Training Collar is safe, practical and easy to use.

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Condition: New, 030559441108, SGM, SGM, 2
This specialty pet door easily installs into any screen door with a screen guard.

$41.23 $54.55  
Condition: New, 713382308496, P-WIRE, P-WIRE, 5
500' Boundary Wire 18 Gauge Solid Core

$35.58 $47.06  
Condition: New, 713382308557, T-16WIRE, T-16WIRE, 4
100' Twisted Wire 16 Gauge Solid Core

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Condition: New, 838009001243, PWBB101, PWBB101, 18
The Breezy Bed is the answer to a lightweight, shaded outdoor dog bed.

$25.64 $29.99  
Condition: New, 744622892048, BP74T, BP74T, 1
Replacement battery

Condition: New, 744622080049, PATHFINDER-RX-BLK, PATHFINDER-RX-BLK, 4
Additional GPS Collar for the expandable Pathfinder tracking and training system.

$17.27 $21.99  
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Condition: New, 700603510028, 51002, OH51002, 5
Promote fun healthy eating for your pet.

Condition: New, 786441430124, P3012, P3012, 6
The KidCo Peapod is a lightweight indoor/outdoor travel bed for children 1 to 3 years of age.

Condition: New, 744622020571, 1902S, 1902S, 5
The Dogtra 1902S is the 2-dog version of a proven workhorse with easy to use 2-dog controls that make for an intuitive user experience.

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Condition: New, 700603510035, 51003, OH51003, 5
Promote fun healthy eating for your pet.

$16.99 $20.99  
Condition: New, 076484032608, 00310-G3026, 00310-G3026, 1
The Herm. Sprenger Dog Chain Training Collar is a safe, effective training tool with proper use.

Condition: New, 644622480033, RR-ER, RR-ER, 2
Remote Release Deluxe Extra Receiver

$12.95 $17.49  
Condition: New, 871864006695, 669, PS669, 3
Durable nylon combined with naturally shed antler.

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Condition: New, 786441010005, G1000, G1000, 16
The KidCo Gateway is the perfect solution for heavily traveled doorways and room openings.

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Condition: New, 744622890037, BP20R, BP20R, 1
Replacement battery

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Condition: New, 700603220200, 22020, OH22020, 4
Our life jackets sport high visibility colors, multiple reflective strips, easy-grab handles, quick release buckles, and outstanding flotation.

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Condition: New, 712548890097, BTB-809, BTB-809, 4
The BTB-809 gives you the ability to keep track of your dog’s location when he is out of sight and lets you know when he has gone on point.

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Condition: New, 786441043102, G4310, G4310, 11
24" Extension Kit for ConfigureGate

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Condition: New, 745805886823, WHJF1488, WHJF1488, 40
White Modern Large Ventilated Private Divider Cat Litter Box

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Condition: New, 030559993096, DSRWSWK, DSRWSWK, 2
Wall kit for designer series Ruff-Weather Pet Doors.