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Condition: New, 030559100326, RFSN, RFSN, 1
Replacement flap for plastic or aluminum frame doors.

Condition: New, 744622020564, 1900S, 1900S, 5
The Dogtra 1900S adds subtle refinements to a proven workhorse without taking away from its intuitive user experience.

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Condition: New, 073626994404, 419513, MC419513, 3
Vionate contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals in a fortified corn base to help improve the overall health, performance, fertility and lifespan for a wide range of species.

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Condition: New, 073626245674, 424271, MC424271, 1
Specifically formulated to safely clean and remove uncomfortable debris from the eye.

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Condition: New, 744622892093, BP37W, BP37W, 1
Receiver battery for 280C, 282C and ARC.

$43.49 $132.99  
Condition: New, 655199636426, 100542457, KH7171, 47
Great for all pets that deserve and need a little extra stability when getting on and off a pet bed.

$4.96 $9.99  
Condition: New, 018214816232, NB103P, NB103P, 2
Made with tough, durable nylon, the Power Chew DuraChew Bacon Chew Toy was crafted with powerful chewers in mind.

$2.46 $4.19  
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Condition: New, 018214808008, NEB103P, NEB103P, 4
The Healthy Edibles Bacon Chew Treats are a healthy, wholesome treat with the bacon flavor dogs love.

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Condition: New, 030559441009, SFPD, SFPD, 1
The Screen Fit Pet Door was designed for convenient use with screen doors and window screens.

$21.55 $39.95  
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Condition: New, 713382308618, KW2COPC, KW2COPC, 4
Kittywalk Outdoor Protective Covers for your Kittywalk outdoor enclosures.

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Condition: New, 030559401003, 75PATSM, 75PATSM, 15
Do you have a sliding glass door with aluminum frame leading out to the patio?

$29.86 $66.99  
Condition: New, 655199079414, 7941, KH7941, 7
The self-warming pad will capture the pet's body heat and radiate back the warmth to the source.

$76.51 $142.99  
Condition: New, 655199019137, 1913, KH1913, 21
Your pet will be safe and warm with the UL-listed Thermo Snuggly Sleeper.

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Condition: New, 744622887013, CHARGER-BC10AUTO, CHARGER-BC10AUTO, 1
Automobile chargers for Dogtra Remote Trainers

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Condition: New, 879213009236, 88923, BER-88923, 9
The Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier provides the same level of comfort for you and your pet as Bergan's original line of Comfort Carriers, but with the addition of simple mobility.

$9.72 $12.86  
Condition: New, 786441933137, S3313, S3313, 4
Designed to keep cabinets and drawers off limits to little hands.

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Condition: New, 744622020687, 1900S-BLACK, 1900S-BLACK, 5
The Dogtra 1900S Black Edition is the 1-mile edition of the popular 1900S e-collar; which is known for its versatility and durability.

$217.35 $224.34  
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Condition: New, 7426985445811, SBPWBF86, SBPWBF86, 4
Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder with Perch Ring

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Condition: New, 095467001226, 122, DD-122, 1
For the occasional use on pet fur and clothing after contact with a skunk

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Condition: New, 076484093432, 05540-G4024, 05540-G4024, 1
The Titan Chain Dog Training Collars are argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability.

$3.23 $5.49  
Condition: New, 871864003359, PS335, PS335, 1
Attention to dental health in kittens, cats and senior cats is an important part of their overall health.

$70.98 $93.89  
Condition: New, 655199047925, 4792, KH4792, 47
This comfortable pet bed is the best of both worlds.

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Condition: New, 030559441207, SGXL, SGXL, 3
This specialty pet door easily installs into any screen door with a screen guard.

$4.81 $7.99  
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Condition: New, 744622355017, 744622355017, 744622355017, 1
Compatible with all Dogtra models using female contact points, except YS200 and 150NCP.