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Condition: New, 617561936206, ZY1600, PP-ZY1600, 5
Our safe and durable product line will not only protect your pal, but have your pooch looking their best while at the lake.

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Condition: New, 7426985447723, SLDF519815, SLDF519815, 27
Outdoor Dog House in Taupe and Blue Roof Durable Resin - For Dogs up to 100 lbs

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Condition: New, 819189011321, 60132100, BIO-60132100, 1
Origins Series resin ornaments bring amazing worlds to life in exquisite detail and color capture vivid realism.

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Condition: New, 768303013614, C01361, C01361, 4
Cadet Gourmet Triple-Flavored Shish Kabobs are premium dog chew treats with real chicken, duck, and sweet potato, all wrapped around 100% real beef hide.

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Condition: New, 768303008955, C00895, C00895, 4
Cadet Rawhide Munchies are premium-quality, rawhide chews that keep dogs busy.

$43.49 $132.99  
Condition: New, 655199636419, 100542456, KH7172, 47
Great for all pets that deserve and need a little extra stability when getting on and off a pet bed.

Condition: New, 030559142005, 75PATCFM, 75PATCFM, 14
Do you have a sliding glass door with aluminum frame leading out to the patio?

$42.36 $109.99  
Condition: New, 655199636198, 100542372, KH5501, 9
Bicycle travel with your pet has never been easier than with the K&H Travel Bike Backpack.

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Condition: New, 644622630025, YS300, YS300, 4
Bark activated "no-bark collar" for small to medium size dogs

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Condition: New, 744622228020, PP4622228020, PP4622228020, 1
Wall mounted transmitter for E-FENCE-3500.

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Condition: New, 768303013867, C01386, C01386, 4
Cadet Gourmet Sweet Potato Steak Fries are made from 100% real sweet potato.

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Condition: New, 018214001010, NP101P, NP101P, 1
Made with durable nylon and a textured surface for extra chewing fun.

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Condition: New, 018214828044, NPD701P, NPD701P, 2
Soft rubber bristles designed to clean hard-to-reach places.

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Condition: New, 018214834335, NFCS102P, NFCS102P, 2
Long-lasting Power Chew toys.

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Condition: New, 810078000860, DW1, DW1, 4
The Doggiewasher! is a patented, award-winning dog washing and grooming tool which makes washing your dog easy and is something your pet will love.

$56.16 $125.99  
Condition: New, 655199053827, 5382, KH5382, 21
The success of the Mod line of cat beds inspired K&H for the heated version.

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Condition: New, 712548324059, H2O-ADDON-O, H2O-ADDON-O, 2
This Add-On collar is compatible with any H2O PLUS system, and it can also replace any lost or damaged H2O 1800 series collar unit.

$25.37 $62.99  
Condition: New, 655199040834, 4083, KH4083, 4
The K&H Thermo?Pet Mat is the ultimate in affordable, portable pet comfort far any small dog.

$54.43 $121.99  
Condition: New, 655199038916, 3891, KH3891, 9
This sturdy Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse is made with MicroSuede and soft fleece.

$87.81 $163.99  
Condition: New, 655199634927, 7630, KH7630, 67
This seat will elevate pet for either the front seat or back seat.

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Condition: New, 018214816324, NE802TPP, NE802TPP, 2
The Healthy Edibles Roast Beef Chew Treats are a healthy, wholesome treat with irresistible Roast Beef flavor that dogs love.

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Condition: New, 018214813149, NEB101TPP, NEB101TPP, 1
The Healthy Edibles Bacon Chew Treats are a healthy, wholesome treat with the bacon flavor dogs love.

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Condition: New, 768303073328, C07332-6, C07332-6, 4
Cadet Duck Triple Chews are three naturally delicious dog treats in one!

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Condition: New, 819189012885, 62288513, BIO-62288513, 1
Origins premium substrates are carefully crafted to add vibrant contrast and sophisticated complements to your animal and plant habitats or any decorative arrangement.