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Save a little money on office and home products at Mercado Magico! Our high quality products will suit your every need and even better will suit your wallet with affordable prices. You'll find a large selection of office and home products from your favorite brands, and to make your life easier, we ship right to your door. With options available from various vendors, these office and home products come at competitive prices sure to please even the most discerning shopper. So browse these office and home products and find exactly what you need.

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Condition: New, 064547809731, NI-W810CS, NI-W810CS, 6.76
Panasonic NI-W810CS 360deg Steam Iron

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Condition: New, 952268701462, 370709, 325558, 0.5
You need the ideal companion for charging on the go, so look no further than the Powerocks Rose Stone Universal 6000mAh Extended Battery. This compact charger is easy to carry, and fits neatly inside your pocket, purse, briefcase, or bag. Great for use while at work, on vacation, and more, it features dual USB ports that let you charge multiple devices at the same time! Sleek and easy to use, the 6000mAh battery (which can charge a smartphone up to 4 times) comes with a microUSB cable and can be used with your own personal charging cables for even more compatibility. When you're ready to go, slip the charger and cables inside the included carry pouch for easy portability.

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Condition: New, 822445124536, 200259, 369234, 0.4
Never find yourself stuck with a dead battery again when you keep this Powerocks Thunder Power 9000mAh Portable Charger by your side. This charger provides you with up to 9000mAh of power, enough to recharge a smartphone up to 3 full times and a tablet twice! Plus, it includes dual USB ports so you can easily recharge two devices at the same time. Included with the charger is a USB to Lightning cable, ideal for recharging iPads, iPhones, and more, or you can use one of your own charging cables for even more compatibility. And, you'll even get a special DI ScreenDr Antimicrobial 2 oz. Screen Cleaning Kit, perfect for keeping that touchscreen device fresh and clean.

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Condition: New, 068888744768, PVKT130, PVKT130, 2.06
Pyle Pro PVKT130 Travel Voltage Converter Transformer Kit

$49.99 $111.99  
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Condition: New, 068888744829, PVTC320U, PVTC320U, 7.8
Pyle PVTC320U Step Up and Step Down Voltage Converter Transformer with USB Charging Port (500-Watt)

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Condition: New, 012800524549, STF3C-B, STF3C-B, 2.0
Rayovac Spot to Flood 370 Lumens Water Resistant Flashlight

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Condition: New, 044476138966, PSWT334ACA, PSWT334ACA, 1.2
RCA PSWT334ACA 3-Outlet Surge Protector Wall Tap with Dual USB Charging Ports

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Condition: New, 79000333395, TP8104WFD, 346819, 0.2
Easily extend your line cord without damaging the cord itself with the RCA Telephone In-Line Coupler. With this coupler, you can easily extend your line cord without cutting or splicing. Simply plug in your existing line cord into one end of the coupler and plus your additional cord into the other. It's the perfect way to extend the length of your line cord! Plus, it's ideal for extending lines cords to older telephones where the cable is permanently attached.

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Condition: New, 044476061417, TPH303R, TPH303R, 1.2
RCA TPH303R 10-Ounce Canned Air

$71.99 $199.99  
Condition: Refurbished, 013964974652, BFS-4435-RB, BFS-4435-RB, 19.0
Refurbished beFree Sound 12 Inch Bluetooth Rechargeable Party Speaker With Illuminatiing Lights

$54.99 $99.99  
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Condition: New, 672975126568, BFS-2019-RB, BFS-2019-RB, 12.75
Refurbished beFree Sound 12 Inch BT Portable Rechargeable Party Speaker

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Condition: Refurbished, 112989, BFS-1212-RB, BFS-1212-RB, 18.0
Refurbished beFree Sound 12 Inch PA Bluetooth Rechargeable Portable Party Speaker with Reactive LED Lights

$88.99 $136.99  
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Condition: Refurbished, 602573549179, TRX-15D-RB, TRX-15D-RB, 26.0
Refurbished Trexonic Combination 15 Inch Bluetooth Portable Speaker and Tripod Stand with Reactive Lights, FM Radio, USB/TF Inputs, Rechargeable Battery & Voice Broadcast

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Condition: New, 703115684492, CASBUSMBRT, 216608, 0.2
With Serif CraftArtist Scrapbooks, you can easily create beautiful scrapbooks on your computer. There are loads of high-quality embellishments and materials included to make sure your designs are absolutely stunning. CraftArtist Scrapbooks is incredibly easy to use thanks to its simple drag-and-drop function. Designs can be personalized with unlimited pictures and text, plus there are craft tools and a built-in photo editor to help deliver high-quality results that are guaranteed to impress friends and family. Serif CraftArtist Scrapbooks is the perfect way to preserve life's special moments for years to come.

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Condition: New, 703115685178, PNPX4USREOEM, 212020, 0.2
The Serif PanoramaPlus X4 is the powerful, easy-to-use photo stitching software that lets you create and share stunning panoramic pictures and virtual reality movies. PanoramaPlus X4's automated stitching process makes it easy to create breathtaking landscapes even if you have never done it before. You can upload Panoramas directly to Facebook and Flickr or export as QuickTime virtual reality formats with a few clicks of the mouse. Making perfect panoramas has never been this easy or this much fun! Serif PanoramaPlus X4 is the perfect addition to your software collection.

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Condition: New, 703115683532, WPEUSDVDRT, 166368, 0.2
Serif WebPlus Essentials takes the complications out of web design and puts building a fun or sophisticated website within everyone's reach. Its unique combination of impressive templates, drag and drop design simplicity, and online gadgets make WebPlus Essentials the ideal choice for tackling your first website. It is the easy and flexible way to build fun and engaging websites, with no HTML required.

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Condition: New, 22278279506, TSI006060, TSI006060, 4
Seth Thomas Silver Glass Carriage Table Clock

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Condition: New, 22278145993, TBL004102, TBL004102, 4
Seth Thomas World Time Multifunction Clock

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Condition: New, 705381210856, 121085, 190525, 0.4
Web Design Studio Professional is everything you need to create a professional, quality website. Design, publish, host, and promote your website quickly and easily, without having to hire a web developer or learn HTML. It's easy to get started - start from scratch or use one of many professionally-designed templates and use the Design Toolbar and drag-and-drop design interface to make even complex layout changes quickly. Create a truly rich experience for your website visitors by adding interactive animation and special effects - even import media files for a customized site. With Web Design Studio Professional, designing a site for your audience has never been easier.

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Condition: New, 880010014064, ICS300, ICS300, 0.4
Smart Socket with USB Port

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Square Card Reader  Find the perfect solution for your business productivity with the Square Card Reader. This easy-to-use yet very functional compact device lets you do retail transactions without any hassle. This credit card reader guarantees to deliver fast and accurate automated receipts...

$6.99 $16.99  
Condition: New, 884645184673, 905-112, 905-112, 0.8
Steren 905-112 6-Outlet Surge-Protected Power Strip

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Condition: New, 783555137215, 60030, 397280, 0.2
Get complete security against viruses and malware with Stopzilla Antivirus 7.0. Stopzilla uses proprietary anti-virus technology to make this program one of the most secure and resource-friendly products out there. It works in real-time, helping to detect viruses and malware before it even gets saved to the hard drive. Plus, it'll also keep you up to date on the most recently detected internet security threats. Stopzilla even provides powerful technology against rootkits, which are among the most difficult types of malicious software because they actively subvert standard anti-virus programs.

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Condition: New, 783555009567, 2664, 39010, 0.2
In Strategy Challenges Collection 1 - Around the World, three classic international games build strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Learn to anticipate your opponent's next moves, break large problems into smaller parts, synthesize information and develop winning strategies. In Strategy Challenges Collection 1, you'll also learn about the culture and history of these international classic games.
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