Liquid Motion Bubbler (Black Purple)

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TG415J Black Purple


TG415J Black Purple

Liquid Motion Bubbler (Black Purple)

This Liquid Motion Bubbler is definitely a great toy to leave by your desk or bed, so you can have something to watch and relax to if you're stressing out. The bright vivid colors of the liquid is fun to look at and people describe it as a toy to calm your mind to. Watch as the liquid drips down slowly and calmly down to the bottom of the toy.  Additionally, the liquid inside is non-toxic and non-flammable, so you don't have to worry about spills harming you.  

Liquid Motion Bubbler Drop comes in a bright vivid color, pleasing for the eye.
The toy is a great way to relax with, especially when you have tons of stuff on your mind.
Toy is made out of sturdy plastic, so liquid will not leak through easily.
Additionally,  the liquid inside is non-toxic and non-flammable
Great for leaving near your desk when you're bored and also people will be fascinated by the toy. 

Package Contents:
1 x Liquid Motion Bubbler

Recommended Age: 3+
Item Code:
 TG415J Black Purple

Condition: New
Mfg Part #:
TG415J Black Purple
Part #:
TG415J Black Purple

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