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Save a little money on home decor at Mercado Magico! Our high quality products will suit your every need and even better will suit your wallet with affordable prices. You'll find a large selection of home decor from your favorite brands, and to make your life easier, we ship right to your door. With options available from various vendors, these home decor come at competitive prices sure to please even the most discerning shopper. So browse these home decor and find exactly what you need.

$228.85 $236.22  
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Condition: New, 7426985452796, TWM519841, TWM519841, 10
Rectangular 31.5-inch Bathroom Vanity Wall Mirror with Triple-Bevel Design

Condition: New, 7426985454745, WDMF45821, WDMF45821, 23
Rectangular Arch Top Wavy Modern Frameless Wall Mirror

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Condition: New, 849179063528, 10
Create a birdwatching sanctuary in your own backyard with this fun and unique birdhouse! This functional décor piece is snug and comfortable for most modest size nesting birds while providing endless entertainment for yourself and your family. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles,...

$182.85 $188.74  
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Condition: New, 653485027842, RFWSB991458327, RFWSB991458327, 12
Red Wooden 2-Shelf Shoe Rack Storage Bench for Entryway or Closet

$102.35 $105.64  
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Condition: New, 745805934982, SRMWC4786871, SRMWC4786871, 2
Round 24-inch Metal Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

$159.85 $165.00  
Condition: New, RWDCB5915048, RWDCB5915048, 3
Round 30-inch Roman Numeral Silent Wood Metal Farmhouse Wall Clock

$125.35 $129.38  
Condition: New, 7426985242892, HDRAR5272BB, HDRAR5272BB, 31
Royalty Collection Brown/Blue Modern Area Rug with Vine Leaves Design

$148.35 $153.12  
In stock
Condition: New, GBODWC3782, GBODWC3782, 7
Rustic Bronze Industrial FarmHome Round Oversized Wall Clock

$194.35 $200.60  
Condition: New, BBODWC3792, BBODWC3792, 7
Rustic Gray Bronze Industrial FarmHome Round Oversized Wall Clock

$619.85 $639.81  
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Condition: New, 653485015917, WHYN2145, WHYN2145, 72
Rustic White Electric Fireplace Mantel Storage TV Stand Fits Up To 60 Inches w/ Remote Control

$642.85 $663.55  
In stock
Condition: New, 653485142729, WDJK3214, WDJK3214, 79
Rustic White Electric Fireplace Mantel TV Stand w/ Adjustable Shelves 2 Storage Cabinets

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Scents of Sicily Bagheria Candela di Soia (Sandlewood) Fragrance: Notes of sandlewood - soothing, warm and woody Burn Time: 130- 140 hours. 18 oz - $48.00 (US) Black 18 oz - $48.00 (US) White

$228.85 $236.22  
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Condition: New, 653485182060, SFHFSRB106958137, SFHFSRB106958137, 12
Sea Foam Aqua Blue Wood 2-Shelf Shoe Rack Storage Bench for Entryway or Closet

$56.35 $58.16  
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Condition: New, 7426985456299, WSC32515818, WSC32515818, 3
Set of 6 Foldable Fabric Storage Baskets in Beige

$16.99 $24.99  
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Condition: New, 750253937560, PG93756, 378825, 0.2
Weighing is the quickest and most accurate way to measure most dry and solid ingredients for consistently reliable results. With your Eternal Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, weighing is simple and easy. Designed to meet all your household measuring needs, your scale will provide precise, consistent weighing of cooking/baking ingredients for the best results. Plus, the scale is even great for weighing food if you're on a diet or even great for weighing oversized letters and packages to ensure you have the right amount of postage. The scale features a maximum weight capacity of 11 lbs, and can measure in lb, oz, gram, or ml.

$159.85 $165.00  
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Condition: New, 653485440979, SMLO7903, SMLO7903, 6
Small Portable Electric Fireplace Heater w/ Realistic Flame Effect

$60.95 $62.92  
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Condition: New, 7426985244483, J6ITMN149, J6ITMN149, 1
Small Round Table Top Vanity Mirror - 10X Magnification

$10.99 $12.90  
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Condition: New, 74027500546, Sofasox-Strap, 321854, 0.2
Easily get more use out of your SofaSox with the SofaSox Sofa Strap. This strap is designed for use with your SofaSox and allows you to turn it into the perfect overnight bag. Simply attach the strap, tuck your SofaSox and necessities into the foot pouch, and head out on your way. The strap is easily adjustable and goes from 24.5 inches to 42.5 inches in length. The strap can also be great as a replacement strap for other bags around your home, like your favorite duffel bag.

In stock
Condition: New, 751549078158, P7815, P7815, 0.6
Sol Mate Solar Animal Chaser

In stock
Condition: New, 849179003999, 3.5
Decorate your home indoor or out with this solar light pagoda! Use it to spruce up your garden, light up a pathway, accompany a vegetable patch, brighten up a patio, or even to adorn a sunny shelf. An amazing housewarming gift, this statue will light up any home and garden space with cheer and...

$27.00 $32.00  
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Condition: New, 849179037499, 10018518, 10018518, 2
Perfect gift for a memorial, first communion, confirmation or any sacred ceremony, this figurine serves as both home décor and an expression of faith. Used to adorn a shelf, prayer table, desk, or garden, this graceful angel will bestow a sense of compassion and devotion to your home. A one of a...

$79.35 $81.90  
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Condition: New, 653485480524, TPSRSB26741375, TPSRSB26741375, 3
Solid Pine Wood 3-Tier Shoe Rack - Holds up to 12 Pair of Shoes

$102.35 $105.64  
In stock
Condition: New, 653485203567, TFPSR4842163, TFPSR4842163, 12
Solid Wood 6-Shelf Shoe Rack - Holds up to 24 Pair of Shoes
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