Bobo's Oat Bars - Oat Bar - Lemon Poppyseed - Case of 6 - 4 pk

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Bobo's Oat Bars - Oat Bar - Lemon Poppyseed - Case of 6 - 4 pk
Baked with love. At Bobo's we love love. And by that we mean loving everyone like family, doing the right thing not just the easy, cool, super-fad thing - and treating your taste buds and body with love. That's why we use ingredients you know and trust like wholesome whole grain oats mixed together with poppy seeds & lemon. Then they're baked into 100% delicious goodness to keep your body going and your taste buds begging for more! See bottom for gift. Plant-based. From my Family to Yours: I started baking with my daughter Bobo in our home kitchen in 2003. All these years later my goal is the same-to make Bobo's taste like homemade treats while using simple, delicious ingredients that warm your heart and home! To celebrate my family tradition to give back to those in need of extra love and help, Bobo's supports non-profit organizations that he families and local communities and live with love! Love, Beryl
Bobo'S Oat Bars
Condition: New
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