Ceres: Juice Guava (33.800 Fo)

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Ceres: Juice Guava (33.800 Fo)

Ceres: Juice Guava (33.800 Fo)

Ceres Guava Is 100 Percent Fruit Juice. Contains Minimum Sodium (Salt), So It'S Perfect For People. Ceres Fruit Is Picked And Processed At Its Peak For Optimal Nutrient Content. Rich In Vitamin A, C And Potassium. Drinking Ceres Fruit Juice Is A Healthy Way To Keep Your Body'S Fluid Levels Optimal An Essential Part Of Your Daily Diet. A Delicious Glassful Counts As A Fruit Serving And Contains One Fifth Of The Recommended Daily Intake Of Vital Nutrients. It'S Cholesterol Free And No Sugar Is Added.

Condition: New

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