Chosen Foods: Extra Virgin Olive Spray Oil, 4.7 Oz

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Chosen Foods: Extra Virgin Olive Spray Oil, 4.7 Oz

Grown in the Mediterranean, olive trees flourish in the regional climate of warm summers and mild winters. At one time, olive oil was a staple only in Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and North African cuisines, but in our modern, global economy, this delicious fat is now loved around the world.

The first cold-pressing of the olives yields extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), rich with a buttery, olive flavor that lends itself well to pastas, pizzas, soups, salads, casseroles and more. For the first time, quickly and evenly add olive oil to your food in a natural way, with our unique air pressure technology that eliminates the need for propellants. Saute, bake, make cold dishes, or spray a fine mist of oil over your meals as a finishing touch.

There's more. By making the swap to a healthier product, you're supporting a positive, eco-friendly movement. Each and every product we sell is backed by our non-GMO commitment, and promotes the creation and maintenance of certified Non-GMO land.

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