Tripp Lites SMART 1000LCD Line-Interactive Digital UPS System offers voltage

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Tripp Lites SMART 1000LCD Line-Interactive Digital UPS System offers voltage
SMART 1000LCD Line-Interactive Digital UPS System offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and long-lasting battery support for personal computers, network workstations, home entertainment systems and media centers. Internal UPS circuits support entry-level PCs for up to 60 minutes or individual VCR/DVR component for as long as 3 hours during power failures. Prevents data loss, viewing interruptions, lost recordings and loss of component programming. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) circuits regulate brownouts as low as 89 volts back to usable levels without using battery power. Offers complete power protection in an attractive black tower configuration.

Voltage compatibility - 120 VAC
Frequency compatibility - 60 Hz
Output volt amp capacity (VA) - 1000
Output watt capacity (watts) - 500
Output nominal voltage - 120 VAC
Output voltage regulation - BATTERY MODE---PWM sine wave 115V above or below 5 percent
Output frequency regulation - LINE MODE---Passes line frequency of 60Hz above or below 10 percent BATTERY MODE---Inverter output regulated to 60Hz above or below 0.5Hz
Outlet quantity / type - 8 NEMA 5-15R , Input connection type - NEMA 5-15P
Maximum input amps - 12A , Input cord length - 6ft. / 1.8m , Recommended electrical service - 120V 15A
BATTERY - Full load runtime---3 minutes (1000VA / 500w) , Half load runtime---11 minutes (500VA / 250w) , DC system voltage---12VDC , Typical battery lifespan---4-6 years (depending on usage) , Battery recharge rate---2-8 hours to 90 percent
Voltage regulation description - Line interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 89V back to usable values
Direct pass through - Voltages of 105V and greater are passed through to connected equipment unchanged
Brownout correction - Input voltages between 89 and 104 are boosted by 14 percent
Front panel LEDs - Front panel LCD screen with blue backlight offers continuous input line voltage data, plus UPS status information on line power status, battery power status, battery charge level and voltage regulation operation
Alarms - Audible alarm with 15 second delay sounds to indicate loss of utility power. Alarm can be silenced by pressing front panel alarm cancel button. Once silenced, alarm will re-sound when approximately 2 minutes runtime remain
Switches - Includes 2 front panel switches - one main on/off power switch and one dual function alarm cancel / self test button
AC surge suppression - 480 joules
AC suppression response time - Instantaneous
Dataline suppression - Tel/DSL and Coaxial
EMI / RFI AC noise suppression - Yes

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