Tripp-Lite UPS SU6000RT4UHV SmartOnline 6kVA On-Line 4U 5400W NEMA Outlets RTL

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Tripp-Lite UPS SU6000RT4UHV SmartOnline 6kVA On-Line 4U 5400W NEMA Outlets RTL
Tripp Lite SU6000RT4UHV 6000VA / 6kVA / 5400 watt online, double-conversion UPS system offers complete power protection for critical server, network and telecommunications equipment in a single 4U rack/tower compatible housing. Full-time active power conditioning provides clean, continuous dual-conversion AC output free of voltage fluctuations, power interruptions and line noise.

Fault-tolerant auto-bypass prevents unexpected service interruptions during UPS overload or internal fault conditions. Detachable back panel PDU with manual bypass switch supports hot-swappable whole UPS replacement with no interruption to connected equipment. Single all-in-one rack / tower housing installs in only 4 rack spaces (4U) with a maximum installed depth of only 20.7 in. / 52.6cm. Maintains full-time sine wave output within 2% of selectable 200/208/220/230/240V nominal during brownouts as low 100V and overvoltages as high as 300V.

Expandable runtime is supported with optional BP192V12-3U external battery packs. Battery independent restart ensures automatic UPS power-up without user interaction after lengthy power outages, even when batteries are expired and require replacement. Double-conversion operation converts raw input from AC to DC, then resynthesizes output power back to perfect sine wave AC with enhanced protection from harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types. Highly efficient operation in optional economy mode significantly reduces BTU heat output and operating energy costs. Network-grade AC surge and noise suppression. Supports detailed monitoring of equipment load levels, self-test data and utility power conditions via built-in RS-232 and USB interfaces. Optional SNMP/Web and contact-closure communications card accessories available.

Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) : 6000
Output kVA capacity (kVA) : 6.0
Output Watt Capacity (watts) : 5400
Output kW capacity: 5.4
Output power factor: 0.9
Output Capacity Details : Output capacity de-rates to 4992 watts when used at 208V nominal
Crest Factor : 3:1
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported : 200V 208V 220V 230V 240V
Frequency compatibility: 50/60 Hz (auto-selectable)
Frequency compatibility details : Output frequency matches input nominal on startup Frequency conversion mode enables conversion of 60Hz to 50Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz (no de-rating)
Output voltage regulation (line mode): +/- 2%
Output voltage regulation (Economy line mode): +/- 10%
Output voltage regulation (Battery mode): +/- 2%
Built-in UPS output receptacles : 2 L6-20R outlet(s) 2 L6-30R outlet(s)
Output receptacle details: Output receptacles and input line cord are mounted on a detachable PDU backplate with bypass switch to enable hot-swappable power module replacement
Output circuit breaker : 20A breaker protects L6-20R outlets, L6-30R outlets are unbreakered Output AC waveform (AC mode) : Pure Sine wave
Output AC waveform (battery mode) : Pure Sine wave
Rated input current (at maximum load): 31.9A (200V), 30.6A (208V), 29A (220V), 27.7A (230V), 26.6A (240V)
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported: 200V AC 208V AC 220V AC 230V AC 240V AC
Nominal input voltage description : Factory configured to 208V
UPS input connection type : L6-30P
UPS Input cord length (ft.): 10
UPS Input cord length (m): 3
Recommended Electrical Service : 30A
Full load runtime (minutes): 2 minutes (5400 watts)
Half load runtime (minutes): 8.5 minutes (2700 watts)
Expandable battery runtime : Runtime is expandable with external battery packs
External battery pack compatibility : BP192V12-3U BP192V557C-1PH BP192V787C-1PH BP192V1037C-1PH BP192V1407C-1PH
DC system voltage (VDC) : 192
Battery recharge rate (included batteries): 6 hours from 10% to 90% (internal batteries)
Replacement battery cartridge (internal UPS battery replacement): RBC5-192
Battery Access : Front panel battery access door
Battery replacement description: Hot-swappable, user replaceable internal batteries
LED Indicators : 6 LEDs indicate line power, online mode, economy/bypass mode, on-battery, charger and AC output status LCD screen offers additional information and control options
Alarms: Unique audible alarms for all major UPS, environmental and power conditions (see manual)
Alarm cancel operation: Alarm cancel switch
Switches : Includes main power off/on switch, plus 2 switches to set and execute scrollable LCD functions. A manual bypass switch featured on the detachable PDU allows for complete removal of the UPS during routine maintenance without disrupting power to connected loads.
UPS AC suppression response time : Instantaneous
EMI / RFI AC noise suppression : Yes
Installation form factors supported with included accessories : 4 post 19 inch rackmount (mounting kit included)
Installation form factors supported with optional accessories : 2 post rackmount (2POSTRMKITWM) Tower (2-9USTAND)
Primary form factor: Rackmount
Installed whole system total rack space height (rack spaces) : 4U
UPS housing material : Steel
Cooling method : Fans
Communications interface : USB (HID enabled) DB9 Serial EPO (emergency power off) Slot for SNMP/Web interface
Network monitoring port description : Additional contact closure support with optional RELAYIOCARD and RELAYIOMINI interface cards. RELAYIOMINI installation requires removal of panel containing USB ports
PowerAlert software : Included
Communications cable : USB, DB9 serial and EPO cables included
WatchDog compatibility: Yes
Transfer time: No transfer time (0 ms.) in online, double-conversion mode
Transfer time (economy mode): 8 ms. typical power failure response in optional economy mode
Low voltage transfer to battery power (setpoint): 156V (full load) / 100V (50% load or less, derates linearly)
High voltage transfer to battery power (setpoint): 280V (full load) / 300V (90% load or less)
Cold Start (startup in battery mode during a power failure): Cold-start operation supported
High availability UPS features: Automatic inverter bypass Manual bypass switch Detachable hot-swap PDU Hot swappable UPS power module Hot swappable batteries
Green high efficiency features: High efficiency economy mode operation Support for daily startup and shutoff Schedulable daily hours of economy mode operation
UPS Certifications : Tested to UL1778 (USA) Tested to CSA (Canada) Meets FCC Part 15 Category A (EMI) ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
UPS Certification details: IEC 61000-4-5 1995 B Surge Immunity
Weight : 190.0 lb

Item Dimension (L"xW"xH"): 24 x 36 x 30

Warranty Information :
250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA, Puerto Rico Canada only)

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