Tripp-lite Switched Metered PDU with ATS PDUMH15ATNET

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Tripp-lite Switched Metered PDU with ATS PDUMH15ATNET
Tripp Lite‘s 120V 15A metered PDU system with Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS) is an 8 outlet PDU with a digital display to indicate total PDU power consumption in amps. Outlets are sequentially turned on at 250 millisecond intervals when the PDU is first energized from an unpowered state to prevent inrush-related equipment interaction on startup. Installed web/network monitoring card enables remote power monitoring and control. Remotely displays status of input power, load capacity, and outlet power condition via secure network or web browser interface. Offers individual outlet control to power on, off, or cycle AC output to regain control of locked-up servers and other network devices. Load ramping and shedding provides automatic power management to any type of network configuration. Supports notification and logging of input power status, event notification, output power and PDU loading conditions. Supports 1U rackmount installation in a 2 or 4 post racks. Included are 8 NEMA 5-15R outlets and two 12 ft. 5-15P optional-use dual cords for auto-transfer switching (ATS) option.

System overview -- Multi-outlet PDU with Current Monitoring ,Sequential Power-on, Individual outlet control, and remote monitoring; Configurable to operate from either one or two 120v input power sources
Voltage compatibility -- 120V
Frequency compatibility -- 50/60 Hz
Output volt amp capacity (VA) -- 15A/1800VA
Output nominal voltage -- 120 VAC
Outlet quantity / type -- 8 NEMA 5-15R
Customized load management receptacles -- 8 individually controlled outlets
Maximum input amps -- 15A
Input connection type -- 2 NEMA 5-15P
Input cord length -- 12ft. (each)
Recommended electrical service -- 120V 15A, dedicated line recommended
Front panel LEDs -- 10 front panel LEDs display power on - off status for each outlet, plus 2 LEDs for power status on each input line cord. Digital Current Meter display shows total output power consumption in amps.
Typical battery lifespan -- 3 to 6 years, depending on usage, Battery recharge rate -- 2 to 4 hours to reach 90% charge
Shipping weight -- 15.2 lbs / 6.9 kg
Unit weight -- 11 lbs / 5 kg

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