StarTech Accessory HKLP100 100ft Hook-and-Loop Cable Tie Bulk Roll Retail

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StarTech Accessory HKLP100 100ft Hook-and-Loop Cable Tie Bulk Roll Retail
This 100 ft. roll of hook-and-loop cable tie makes it easy to keep your cables neat and tidy by binding them together or binding them to a structure. The self-gripping fabric can be cut to any size and it's 3/4 in. (19 mm) wide which enables a slim wrap-around solution for any computer, appliance or electronics cable, in virtually any environment.

Hassle-free cable management
This roll of cable tie offers a quick and easy solution for bundling cables together and securing your cables for better routing. Properly routed cables help protect your equipment, by reducing cable tension and preventing excessive heat caused by unorganized cables restricting airflow.

It uses a hook-and-loop fastening method to ensure a sturdy grip that's easy to apply. With the hook mechanism on one side of the tape and a loop mechanism on the other, you can easily wrap it around your cable bundle, and fasten the cable tie by draping it over itself.

Customize the length of your cable tie
Whether your bundle consists of two small-gauge cables or many large-gauge cables, you can rest assured this roll of cable tie will handle it perfectly. You can cut the hook-and-loop fabric to size using household scissors, meaning you can choose the perfect length for your specific application.

Included in Package
1 - roll of hook-and-loop cable tie
Item Dimension (L"xW"xH")
11 x 13 x 2
2.00 lb
Warranty Information
2 Year Warranty

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