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Save a little money on pc parts and accessories at Mercado Magico! Our high quality products will suit your every need and even better will suit your wallet with affordable prices. You'll find a large selection of pc parts and accessories from your favorite brands, and to make your life easier, we ship right to your door. With options available from various vendors, these pc parts and accessories come at competitive prices sure to please even the most discerning shopper. So browse these pc parts and accessories and find exactly what you need.

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672042131945, AOC-SGP-I2, AOC-SGP-I2, 3.0
Supermicro I O Cards AOC-SGP-I2 Standard LP 2Port GbE with Intel i350 Retail

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808613808187, 84H323610-006, 84H323610-006, 1.0
CHENBRO Accessory 84H323610-006 Rear Window with 3-Full Height PCI slots RTL

886227419005, RT-AC68U, RT-AC68U, 1.75
ASU WL RT RT-AC68U 1900Mbps 802.11ac Dual Band USB

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672042143610, AOC-S3008L-L8I, AOC-S3008L-L8I, 1.0
Supermicro Accessory AOC-S3008L-L8I 8 Internal Ports 12Gb s 63HDD RAID 0110

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718037823300, WD30PURX, WD30PURX, 1.4
Western Digital WD30PURX 3TB SATA 6Gb s IntelliPower 64MB 3.5 Purple Bulk

841163053201, PS-TPD-0750MPCGUS-1, PS-TPD-0750MPCGUS-1, 6.94
Thermaltake PS PS-TPD-0750MPCGUS-1 ToughPower 750W ATX APFC 80+G Semi Modular

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841163052983, CL-N002-PL12BL-A, CL-N002-PL12BL-A, 3.0
Thermaltake Fan CL-N002-PL12BL-A Massive TM Notebook Cooler for 10 17 NB

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885022005321, RAIL-A02-90, RAIL-A02-90, 7.75
QNAP Accessory RAIL-A02-90 Rail Kit for TS-EC2480U-RP A02 series (Chassis) RTL

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065030857383, PEX1000SFP2, PEX1000SFP2, 0.66
StarTech Network PEX1000SFP2 PCIE Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Card w Open SFP NIC

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065030859233, USB3DOCKHDPC, USB3DOCKHDPC, 2.45
StarTech AC USB3DOCKHDPC USB3.0 Laptop Docking Station w 4K DisplayPort Retail

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672042152254, PWS-706P-1R, PWS-706P-1R, 3.0
Supermicro Power Supply PWS-706P-1R 1U 700 750W Single Output Platinum 54.5mm

735858276863, E40GQSFPSR, E40GQSFPSR, 1.0
Intel Network Card E40GQSFPSR Ethernet QSFP+ SR Optics 40GBASE-SR4 Retail

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065030859356, ST1000SPEXD4, ST1000SPEXD4, 1.0
StarTech ST1000SPEXD4 Dual Port Gigabit PCIE Server Network Adapter Card NIC

In stock
763649044957, ST1000NX0313, ST1000NX0313, 1.0
Seagate ST1000NX0313 1TB SATA 6Gb s Enterprise Storage 7200RPM 128MB 2.5 Bare

In stock
898745068313, RFTL-131209B, RFTL-131209B, 0.37
Rosewill Fan RFTL-131209B Case Fan 120mm 2000RPM 59.8CFM Fluid Dynamic Blue

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790069413780, DGS-1510-28XMP, DGS-1510-28XMP, 14.0
D-Link Network DGS-1510-28XMP 24PT SmartPro Gigabit PoE Switch w 4x10GbE SFP+

In stock
065030861779, USB312SAT3CB, USB312SAT3CB, 0.12
StarTech Accessory USB312SAT3CB USB 3.1 Gen 2 Adapter Cable f 2.5 SATA Drives

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065030861045, ST4000SPEXI, ST4000SPEXI, 0.24
StarTech ST4000SPEXI 4 Port Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Network Card Intel I350 NIC

065030860604, PEX20000SFPI, PEX20000SFPI, 0.28
StarTech Network PEX20000SFPI 2PT 10G Fiber Network Card w Open SFP+ PCIe RTL

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843368035754, 210-GQ-0750-V1, 210-GQ-0750-V1, 9.0
EVGA Power Supply 210-GQ-0750-V1 750W 80+ Gold Semi Modular Retail

In stock
844767020761, NST-510S3-BK, NST-510S3-BK, 1.0
Vantec RD NST-510S3-BK NexStar USB3.0 Slim SATA Optical Drive Enclosure 9.5mm

672042170272, CSE-815TQ-R706WB, CSE-815TQ-R706WB, 36.0
Supermicro CSE-815TQ-R706WB 1U Intel AMD 4x3.5HS SAS SATA 700 750W RPS 80+P

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065030833714, TX3SPLIT12, TX3SPLIT12, 1.0
StarTech Cable TX3SPLIT12 12in TX3 Fan Power Splitter Cable Retail

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845973096137, ARCHER T9UH, ARCHER T9UH, 1.0
TP-Link NT Archer T9UH AC1900 Dual Band High Gain WL USB Adapter USB3.0 Retail
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