Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 FD-FAN-VENT-HF14-BK 140mm Case Fan

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Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 FD-FAN-VENT-HF14-BK 140mm Case Fan


  • Mfr Part Number: FD-FAN-VENT-HF14-BK
  • Features:
    • Featuring true FDB-bearings, providing silent operation coupled with a long lifespan
    • Equipped with a counter-balancing magnet in the hub that reduces the axial tension on the bearing, further protecting the longevity of the bearing
    • Dense, sturdy construction, made from high-grade glass fiber reinforced thermoplasticpolymer with fan geometry that is optimized for a good balance between static pressure and maximum airflow, resulting in good performance in all usage scenarios
    • Aerodynamically shaped thin stator struts (including wire strut), mimicking the design commonly found on airplane wings, delivering correct angles allowing for air to easily pass through reducing noise and unwanted turbulence
    • Stator struts are angled perpendicular to the blades, helping to reduce noise commonly emitted when the blades pass the struts. In effect, minimal noise that may be emitted will be constant and therefore almost inaudible to the ear
    • Strategically placed notches near the fan hub on the trailing edge of the blades, further reducing and diffusing humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator struts
    • Includes a "trip wire" on the rear side of the blades, near the leading edge. The trip wire technology, also commonly found in airplane wing designs, introduces a micro-turbulent layer that helps to combat the elements that negatively affect performance. The presence of the trip wire overall provides a more efficient and quiet fan environment
    • Delivers high precision due to high grade materials used, permitting the distance between the blades and frame to be as small as 1.2mm, contributing to a higher performance fan
    • Featuring a powerful motor to maintain a reliable speed
    • Comes with a low-speed adapter, for reducing the speed without the use of a fan controller
    • Includes vibration-dampening corners, from solid high-quality synthetic rubber on the fans
    • 140mm fans come with an additional set of vibration-dampening corners are included that lends compatibility with 120mm fan mounts (105mm screw spacing). This enables the use of 140mm fans on many CPU coolers
    • Screws pass through the rubber only, not through plastic, therefore eliminating the chance of noise derived from rattling when in use
    • Available in 140mm fan sizes
  • Rotational Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Acoustical Noise: 26.5 dBA
  • Maximum Air Flow: 118.2 CFM / 200.8 m3/h
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.95 mm H2O
  • Actual Input Power: 2.2 W
  • Maximum Rated Input Current: 0.3 A
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 12V
  • Minimum Startup Voltage: 4V
  • Low Speed Adapter:
    • Speed: 850 RPM
    • Static Pressure: 0.59 mm H2O
    • Air Flow: 78.5 CFM / 133.4 m3/h
    • Noise Level: 18.3 dBA
  • Screw Hole Pattern: 125 x 125 mm; 105 x 105 mm
  • Connector: 3-pin fan header
  • Bearing: FDB
  • Number of Blades: 11
  • MTBF: 150,000 hours
  • Cable length: 500 mm
  • Cable Type: Braided all-black ribbon wire
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 140.0 x 140.0 x 25.0 mm
  • Weight: 202.0 g
  • Package Contents:
    • Venturi Series fan
    • Screw pack with 4 metal screws
    • Low speed adapter
    • 4 additional rubber corners, with 105mm hole pattern
Fractal Design
Condition: New
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